A new partnership with the famous # ERP # CANADIEN “# INTERAL #” founded since 1989

ALPHA SERVICE ET MAINTENANCE announces a new partnership with the famous # ERP # CANADIAN “# INTERAL #” founded since 1989 (maintenance, stock management, production, personal score)
“” INTERAL Maintenance is a world-class # CMMS # computerized maintenance manager with high performance, user-friendliness and a superior user interface. CMMS can have many uses; here is a non-exhaustive list of the different roles it can have to facilitate business management:

* Equipment management: inventory, location, dedicated information management by type of equipment,
* Maintenance management: corrective (with BT: work order), preventive (systematic, conditional, forecast), curative.
* Management of intervention requests (DI),
* Inventory management: stores, restocking, inventory valuation,
* Purchase management: purchase requests, orders, purchase of supplies and services, supplier invoicing, etc.
* Staff management and planning: activities, trades, load planning, forecast, etc.
* Cost and budget management: labor, stocks, purchases, equipment rental, etc., budget preparation, periodic monitoring, variance reports, etc.
* Key performance indicators: dashboard (database queries concerning statistics, alerts, MTTR, MTBF, Pareto, etc.)

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